shoelace009 (shoelace009) wrote in creative_genius,

Caveat lector.

Be careful with this
for great or little good can come from it.
You hold my heart in your hands,
turn the pages of my mind with your nimble fingers.
It belongs not on the shelf,
amid the dust and forgotten
but in the dirt,
out in the world it was sprung from.

I love and hate it more than anything I know
because it houses all my angels and inner demons,
my hopes and defeats.
Take care not to fall in love
with the muses you might find
or fall victim to
the beasts which find you.
Explore carefully but thoroughy.
If you must travel the marked roads,
take care to notice the chinks in the pavement.
If you must take to the woods,
be sure to keep to the light.

But most of all, let the reader beware,
for this is both the beginning and the end of fairytales,
the dusk and dawn of the reality
to which you cling so dearly.
To be submerged in this world,
you must step away from your former.
But caveat emptor,
let the buyer beware,
because the bargain you seek,
might be more than your share.
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